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Does Accutane Work

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from severe acne, you will have no doubt heard of Accutane, despite attempts to ban the controversial acne treatment, some unscrupulous companies are still producing it and acne sufferers are still able to obtain it.

Accutane (Isotretinoin) or Roaccutane as it is most famously known for, is a Vitamin Aaccutane derivative (13-cis-retinoic acid) in a pill or supplement that doctors would usually prescribe to a patient for only 15-20 weeks.  It was first manufactured in 1979 for patients with severe and otherwise untreatable acne that had not responded to other treatments.

Accutane was a very last resort and even today if a doctor is willing to prescribe it; it is because nothing else has worked as the side effects can be truly shocking.

Because of this, many people fought to ban the drug but it appears to have become even more popular in recent years even in patients with very mild acne.

No-one is sure exactly how Accutane works but it can for a few people have life changing improvements on their skin. It is thought to work in 4 steps:

  • 1.       Reduces the skin’s oil glands between 35-38% , reducing overall   oil production of up to 80%
  • 2.       Acne bacteria is dramatically lessened
  • 3.       It has potent anti-inflammatory capabilities
  • 4.       It slows the production of skin cells in the pore down, preventing the pores from blocking.

Accutane works in a very dramatic and drastic way, some users have reported their acne getting worse during the first month of taking Accutane. It normally either; completely eradicates or partially clears acne in 95% of people who complete a course.  The results depend on the dosage, a dose of 100-120mg/kg achieve the best results overall and are least likely to have the problem return. The lower dosages carry the risk of the acne returning when treatment is stopped.

Patients on Accutane need regular blood tests to make sure that the blood-fat levels are not being interfered with by Accutane.

The real issue with Accutane are its side effects.

The posible side effects of using Accutane include: Dryness of the lips, eyes, skin and anus, thinning hair, birth defects, foetal damage, personality changes, permanent disfigurement and irreversible liver damage.

saynotoaccutaneThere have even been reported cases (but never officially proven) of suicide after experiencing severe depression as a result of using Accutane.  A few lucky users may have escaped the majority of side effects and praise its effects, but these are in the minority.

Our thoughts…

There is no question that Accutane cures acne but is the price just high to pay?

It should only ever be considered if absolutely nothing else has worked and your acne is destroying your life. Even then, Accutane must be taken under strict, closed guarded medical supervision.  You can only legally get Accutane on prescription, and to try and get Accutane any other way would be not only illegal and foolish but it could have a high price.

We Rate Accutane at 1/10

We would suggest discounting Accutane completely and looking at some other products that are proven to be effective and more importantly totally safe to use

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