Could Seaweed Solve The Problem Of Acne


The Seas Very Own Cure For Acne

There are literally hundreds of acne treatments available, all claiming to help teenagers (and adults) with the misery of acne, with all these to choose from, we have never heard of a product that uses seaweed as an ingredient – until now!

The respected UK daily newspaper The Daily Mail has released details of a product that uses an extract of brown seaweed that could be the answer to thousands of acne sufferers worldwide.

IMG_00014The seaweed called Bladderwrack (fucus vesiculosus) is found amongst other places around the coast of Brittany in France, its extract has been processed and been added to a new acne treatment which has shown impressive results in testing.

Impressive Results In Testing

One trial held in the Instituto Dermatolgico San Gallicano In Italy was centered around 60 males aged from between 12 to 24, all of them had moderate cases of acne.

The man in charge of the trial, a professor Enzo Berardesca reported extremely good results, he added that over a period of 14 days, all test subjects found their acne symptoms were markedly reduced, he also stated that there was no adverse reactions which can be a problem with some products.

“No Adverse Reactions Or Skin Irritation”

He added “We had expected some skin irritation with the use of this product, quite simply because you are taking away a superficial layer of skin, but there were no reported cases, the good thing is that it comes from a natural source with no chemicals which will interest a lot of people.”

Acne generally effect’s more males than females, as they do get a surge in testosterone during puberty, it does however affect both sexes of all ages, it is thought that around 15%ClearSkinMax of the worlds population suffer from severe acne.

Where Can I Find Seaweed Based Acne Treatments

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