Differin Acne Treatment Review

Does Differin Work

Differin Acne Treatment is available in either a gel or a cream that contains Adapalene which is Differin’s active ingredient. It is manufactured by Galderma Laboratories and is only available on prescription either from a dermatologist or a doctor.

Differin is a topical based retinoid cream. Retinoids kill the bacterium that leads to thedifferin formation of acne by getting underneath the surface of the skin to treat the problem at the root. Retinoids are scientifically proven to eradicate current spots and prevent the likelihood of new spots forming. Differin is available in various strengths, the usual concentration prescribed for most people are 0.1%, but for the extremely severe acne a concentration of 0.3% may be used.

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Differin should be applied over the whole face, avoiding the mouth and eye area, particularly the affected areas on clean skin, once a day. It is recommended to use Differin just before bedtime. If you have overly sensitive skin you may choose to use Differin every other day.  It works best on non-inflammatory acne and you do not need to use a lot of the product. Differin works by preventing the overproduction of sebum and promoting growth of new cell tissue.

Most users see real results after 2-3 months of frequent use of Differin; some people may see results sooner; individual results vary depending on how severe your acne is. Unfortunately using Differin comes with a price as it can cause skin irritation, excessive dryness, redness, stinging, and peeling and make you far more susceptible to sun damage so when using Differin you should not expose yourself to the sun for any prolonged amount of time.

Pregnant women should not use Differin and if you are on any other regular medication you need to consult your doctor before using.

Our Thoughts…

Differin is a highly powerful acne treatment that does work, not as quickly as some more alternative products on the market but it does have potential to get rid of acne long term. The side effects are however undesirable making us wonder if Differin just too harsh and caustic?

We Rate Differin At 4/10

The good thing about Differin is that it is not easily obtained so people with lesser degrees of acne cannot risk permanent damage to their skin.

We recommend exploring other avenues of more natural acne prevention before trying Differin.

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