Eczana Acne Treatment Review


Does Eczana Work

Eczana is made by Neulife laboratories, it is a topically applied cream formulated to treat and prevent acne, along with other skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Said to be a totally natural method of treating acne flare-ups, it includes in its formulation eczanasuch ingredients as Canadian Willow Herb, Oregon Grape extract, Chamomile and Tea Tree oil.

Eczana is a non steroidal cream that is chemical and paraben free, it is to be used 2 to 4 times per day as directed.

The makers of Eczana claim that it is a good all round skin care product that will reduce and clear existing spots and become a barrier that should stop new ones forming, it forms part of a range of other skin care products that make up the eczana total body relief system including a body wash, shampoo and soothing scalp spray.

Eczana can be purchased from its official website, the cream costs in the region of $35 for a months supply, the other products vary from $29 to $35. buying all three in the total care kit would cost you $64.99 which represents a good saving.

Our Thoughts…

There is no doubting the effectiveness of some of the ingredients in Eczana, what we do not know and is not made clear by the makers is the actual concentration of each ingredient, and whether the product has been subjected to any clinical tests and trials.

We could find no evidence of any official accreditations or testimonials to back their claims of the product effectiveness.

We Would Rate Eczana at 6/10

We feel that Eczana should work, taking into account the ingredients used in its formulation, however, with the lack of so much information as listed above and also the fact that we could find no evidence of any guarantees being offered on purchases would lead us to recommend that prospective buyers look elsewhere, there are many other products out there that offer proven results, supplying you with all the information required to help you decide before buying, and the protection of a money back guarantee.

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