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Healthy Pores Review

Healthy Pores is a three part acne care system, that uses both chemical and natural ingredients in its formulation, it does have a loyal group of fans and has got some favourable testimonials from both journalists and other review sites.

The HealthyPores System

The complete system is made up of three parts; the Healthy Pores facial wash, Acne healthy-poresTreatment Cream along with a daily supplement.

The Healthy Pores facial wash should be used daily, it contains Salicyclic acid and is designed to gently remove excess oil and dirt from the skin.

The Acne Treatment Cream contains natural tea tree oil, this helps kill bacteria on the skin, and promotes the regeneration of new skin cells, the cream also contains anti-oxidants that promote and improve the general health of the skin.

The herbal supplement is a natural based formulation that works within to detox and cleanse the body; this removes the toxins that combine to cause acne. The ingredients will re-balance the hormones and introduce its anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the possibility of future breakouts.

Our Thoughts On Healthy Pores

The product has many plus points, positive reviews and testimonials are very encouraging, however, we do have some concerns with Healthy Pores, firstly at $90 it is not cheap, However it is the inclusion of salicylic acid that concerns us more so. This chemical ingredient is used in many acne products, it is well known for its drying effects, and does cause irritation, redness and skin redness.

The makers prefer not to release a concise and accurate breakdown of all the ingredients in Healthy Pores, so we have no way of knowing if the formula (despite all the reviews saying otherwise) actually works; for example tea tree oil needs to be present in at least 5% concentration to be effective.

4pimples_600x450Buyers are offered a 67 day guarantee on all purchases, in the even that you are unhappy with Healthy Pores we understand that it does take a while to action a return and refund, you have to get past a grilling from the customer service team before being authorised to pack and return the goods (at your expense).

We Rate Healthy Pores At 6/10

We Would Recommend

Although Healthy pores seems to be an effective product, the downsides listed above along with the lack of apparent clinical testing leads us into recommending that potential buyers should maybe look at some alternative products before making a buying decision.

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