Mario Badescu Acne Care Kit


Does The Mario Badescu Acne Care  Kit Work

The Mario Badescu Acne care kit is made up of two lotions, a cream and a skin mask.

Its main active ingredient is salicylic acid which is quite common in many other acne treatments, it has the beneficial effects of cleaning pores, reducing acne causing bacteria, along with skin peeling properties.

It does not however have a direct effect on the production of excess sebum which is a main2263619 cause of acne.

This kit does not differ in any way to many of the other kits available, the use of salicylic acid can in quite a few cases cause skin irritation, redness and flaking which is a concern.

The makers are not very forthcoming about the precise ingredient mix, and there does seem to be a distinct lack of any clinical testing or proof of what this product can and will do for its users.

Our Thoughts…

With a cost of around $75, this product is not cheap, at this price,we would have expected that a guarantee of some sort would be offered, but this doesn’t appear to be the case with the Mario Badescu Acne care kit. The fact that there is no cash back guarantee and the lack of any clinical information or any actual proof that this product works offers no real assurances and those people that do buy his kit do so at their on risk and should be prepared to lose their money.

We Rank Mario Badescu Acne Care at 3/10

We Would Suggest Looking Elsewhere

There are quite a number of better acne care treatments that are available to buy on line, the makers of these products are all far more transparent and all willingly provide detailed information on the actual ingredients used, the clinical testing that the products have undergone along with customer and doctors testimonials. They also offer a full cash back guarantee on all purchases

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