Metrogel Review

Is Metrogel Safe

Metrogel is made in the USA by Galderma Laboratories, it was formulated to treat both acne and roseacea.

Currently only available to customers in the USA, metrogel differs from most other acne metrogel_11612_8_(big)_treatments in that its main active ingredient is an antibiotic called Metrodizanole, this is a proven ingredient used by many doctors and dermatologists to treat bacterial and protozoan based infections.

Acne Treatments That Work

Metrogel comes in the form of a water based gel that is mainly available on doctors prescription. It is available to buy from a few outlets at the staggering cost of $160 per tube which surely makes it one of the most expensive acne treatments available.

The makers justify this cost by telling us that only a tiny amount of product is needed per application so it should last a long while.

Concerns With Metrogel

There are numerous reports of side effects from using metrogel, instances of stinging sensations to the skin, along with dryness, tingling, numbness along with a metallic taste in the mouth are worrying, more concerning however are reports of more severe issues including hives, shortness of breath along with swelling of the mouth, lips and tongue.

This could well be an allergic reaction to the main ingredient Metrodizanole.

Our Thoughts…

It has also been reported that the use of Metrogel has made users resistant to other antibiotics, the general opinion is that unless you are prescribed this product by your doctor, you should give this product a wide berth.

We Rate Metrogel At 4/10

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