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Neostratra Review

Made in The USA By Neoceuticals, Neostrata is a chemically based treatment used to treat acne breakouts in people of all ages.

Using pads inpregnated with a mix of Salicylic acid, propylene glycol and alcohol, NeostrataNeoStrata-Acne-Cleanser-Products is applied at night  after cleansing; it is intended to be kept on the skin overnight allowing it to penetrate deep into the skin, fighting the bacteria and reduce your acne.

The makers make a big thing about the effectiveness of their product and it is actually quite inexpensive to buy at around $12 – $15.


The worrying facts about Neostrata is that there is no actual clinical evidence regarding any clinical trials confirming just how effective or safe the product is, the makers also appear to be loathe to disclose details of the full list of ingredients and the subsequent quantities of each ingredient in each application.

Aside from a general lack of important information, there are two other concerns; firstly, users have to ensure that they use sun-block while using Neostrata, as the product can cause skin sensitivity to the sun.

Salicyclic acid and other chemicals used are known to cause skin dryness, redness and general irritation.

The product is supposed to be sold with a cash back guarantee, however when looking at greater depth on the website, we can find no actual mention of any return policy, or guarantee.

Buyers outside of the USA can only make contact via email which will put some people off.

We Would Rate Neostrata At 4/10

Our Thoughts On Neostrata

We would recommend that Neostrata is avoided, the possiblity  of skin irritation and other problems following its use is quite possible with these chemical based ingredients

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