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Orovo Review

What is Orovo Acne Care

Orovo acne care is a naturally based treatment that has been formulated to treat acne from the its internal root cause.

The makers tell us that their solution penetrates deep into the skin, working quickly to rebalance the chemicals in the skin, and kill the acne causing bacteria.Orovo-Acne-Product

Orovo state that their product provides impressive results within 7 days.

They also make another two products, both designed to work alongside each other to completely eradicate users acne totally and conclusively. These are called ExfoZit (a facial scrub) and Acnevva (an acne treatment gel)

What is In Orovo Acne Solution

A blend of natural ingredients that include Mangosteen and Noni Berry, these are high in anti oxidants that help purify the skin from within, other ingredients include vitamin c, witch hazel leaf and apple cider vinegar. The makers claim that these ingredients provide users with a cleaner, smoother skin with improved hydration and tone.


There is a lack of information on the actual mix of ingredients or whether this product has actually had much in way of clinical testing, various skin care forums strongly contest the manufacturers claim of a 7 day cure for acne.

Some reported side effects suffered from the use of Orovo include excessive thirst and urination (which is no doubt down to the de-toxing properties of the product) other users have reported cases of sickness and diarrhoea along with excessive gas especially during the early days of using Orovo, this claim has not been disputed by the manufacturers.

Where Can I Buy Orovo

Orovo Acne Care is sold from the official website for around $65 for a 30 day course, buyers can also choose to take a monthly auto ship program for a reduced cost of $45 per month. This does save money, but beware, these autoship programs are notoriously hard to cancel, and you could end up paying $45 per month for something that you do not want or need.

There is a cash back guarantee in place, but you have to use the product for a full 30 days before any refund (less shipping costs) is considered.

We Rate Orovo Acne Care At 6/10

Our Thoughts…

The natural ingredients of Orovo do seem attractive, however with a distinct lack of clinical information or details of any testing, we do wonder just how well this product will work. The claim of a 7 day cure for acne appears to be seriously over hyped, with the makers unable to back up their claims.

We would suggest that users search for an alternative product that can provide clinical information and more in depth information on their product, details of the ingredients, honesty regarding any potential side effects and just what users can expect from using their treatments.

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