Panoxyl Acne Treatment

Does Panoxyl Work

Panoxyl is made by Stiefel Laboratories, it is supplied in two forms: a bar in two strength concentrations of benzoyl peroxide – namely 5% and 10% and an Acne gel

The bar has been formulated as a deep cleansing bar that will deep cleanse the pores, and 419Vb2Z1bxLre-balance the production of the skins oil (sebum)

Users of Panoxyl have reported some good results, some saying that their acne has reduced within a few days of using Panoxyl, It costs from around $33 and can be purchased without prescription from many online suppliers

It is a product that has to be used constantly;

Users have recorded that their acne returned really quickly if they stopped using Panoxyl.

Natural Alternatives To Panoxyl


Panoxyl in either form relies on the effects of Benzoyl Peroxide as its active ingredient, the use of this chemical ingredient has both good and bad points: it has been found to be highly effective in treating cases of acne and reducing the chances of recurring bouts, but Benzoyl Peroxide is well known for its skin drying properties, users have reported some quite severe cases of skin redness, irritation, and tightness.

Other concerns with Benzoyl Peroxide is of course that it is a chemically based ingredient, it has also been known to bleach eyebrows and needs to be kept away from clothes as bleaching of the fabrics can also occur.

Our Thoughts On Panoxyl

panoxyl-acne-foaming-wash-5-5-oz-2.gifPanoxyl could well be simpler to use than other multi step treatments, but it doesn’t appear to have any affects on the actual root cause of the acne. Users have to repeatedly apply this aggressive chemical product to their skin to maintain its effects.

The use of Benzoyl Peroxide is a concern, especially at the 10% concentration it can be potentially and extremely harsh on the skin

We Would Rate Panoxyl at 5/10

There are a number of other proven natural based products that can deliver truly effective results without relying on what is basically a chemical bleach to clear your acne.

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