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Pai Skin Care Review

Acne is not just the scourge of the young, just as many adults can suffer from this adult acneupsetting condition.

What Causes Acne

Our skin produces a natural oil called Sebum, acne can occur when excess sebum gets trapped within our skins pores along with dirt and dead skin cells, this encourages bacteria to grown and before we know it we have sore red pimples.

Excess sebum is not however the sole reason for adults to get acne, other factors can include stress, hormone in-balance, certain medical conditions and genetic predisposition.

When looking for effective cures for acne, it is important (whatever your age) to avoid ingredients including:

Beeswax – known to block pores
Mineral oils – forms a skin over pores causing blockages
Alcohol – dries and irritates skin, promoting more sebum
Foaming Agents – Strip away natural oils
Parabens – thought to be harmful to the skin

Working on the belief that only natural ingredients are suitable for our skin, cosmetic company PaiSkin Care have developed a range of purely natural skin care products that are suited for acne prone skin.

Pai Skin Care Official Website

They believe that harsh chemical based ingredients do nothing but harm to the skin, and their range uses 100% natural plant based ingredients that will work to gently cleanse and soothe the adult skin, closing pores and reducing redness and irritation.

Two of their products are

Geranium and Thistle Combination Skin Cream

geranium and thistleThis combination works together to clear and rebalance congested combination skin, quickly absorbed it is perfect for use under makeup. The cream is ful of essential fatty acids along with a host of natural active skin soothers that will soothe and rebalance the skins tone.

The product is Non-comedogenic – free from any harmful parabens or pore blocking ingredients.

Camellia And Rose Gently Hydrating Cleanser

This effective hydrating cleanser, gently removes makeup and trapped dirt from the pores,camelia and rose perfectly suited for sensitive or acne prone skin. 100% natural it is gentle yet effective, and being free from alcohol it will not dry or irritate your skin..

The formula includes omega 3 and Vitamins A,B,C&E to hydrate your skin leaving it supple and soft

This product is best used with an exfoliation cloth to gently lift any of those dead skin cells that contribute to acne flare ups.

Our Thoughts On Pai Skin Care

The fact that only pure and natural plant based extracts are used in this range will interest many people, there are no adverse reactions whatsoever,  and the products do provide essential cleaning and moisturising to skin that can so easily be irritated by other more stronger or chemical based products.

Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Pai will almost certainly help those with sensitive skin and mild acne, however we recommend that those with more severe cases of acne should look elsewhere.

As a general Skin Care product, the range is great, however as an acne treatment;

We Would Rate Pai Skin Care at 7/10

Where can I Buy Pai Skin Care Products

pai acne careThe entire range is available for world wide delivery from the official Pai Skin Care website. All orders have a 30 day guarantee

To find out more about these and the other range of natural cleansers and moisturisers,

Visit Pai Skin Care Official Website

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