What Is The Best Way To Treat My Acne

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is the proper term for pimples, zits, eruptions, whiteheads and blackheads. All these expressions simply refer to clogged hair follicles (pores). When the oil glands in the skin begin to produce an excess of oil, the pores then become plugged with the excess.

If this is then combined with dirt and dead skin cells, bacteria will then become trapped and then the result is a spot or pimple.

cures for acneMost people at some point in their lives do experience a degree of acne; it is unusual for someone to go through their whole lives without a single spot. Acne can vary in its severity from the occasional break out, to extremely severe red, inflamed pustuled skin.

If you are suffering from cystic acne, this not only causes permanent scarring but can also be very painful. It is not just a teenage related condition, though commonly thought to be associated with puberty; plenty of adults do and will suffer from acne. Prevention of acne is always better than cure but there are many treatments that will improve your acne significantly and even eradicate the problem altogether.

There are various different treatments depending on the type of acne you have. A lot of people choose over the counter creams, facial washes etc. Others choose to seek medical help from a dermatologist, while some choose not to use any medication and use more natural holistic approaches. For an adult with acne, the best way to prevent future breakouts is to ensure you have a thorough skin cleansing routine.

Keep your skin clean and moisturise daily, never use anything too harsh or caustic. Try not to touch your face through the day and do not squeeze or pick at pimples as this can cause scarring. Also a good diet, not too much sugar and saturated fats or alcohol and drinking plenty of water will stand you in good stead for preventing breakouts.

If your acne is very advanced, ordinary treatments simply may not be enough this is whenacne cures you need to seek help and advice from a doctor or dermatologist. They will most likely prescribe a prescription medication, topical or oral. Often they will recommend a combination of treatments depending on the kind of acne you have. In the worst cases, laser therapy, chemical peels or steroid injections may be administered.

This is not a road most people would like to go down which is why it is important to treat acne as quickly as you can so it does not progress and lead to scarring.

As frustrating as acne is, there are many ways to treat it. The important thing to remember is that it can take time to see results, acne is not going to disappear overnight but the quicker you act the quicker you will attain that crystal clear complexion that you desire.

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