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Curactin Review

Curactin is a complete and comprehensive all in one acne solution. No need for separate cleansers, toners or moisturisers, Curactin combines all these things.  Curactin is a botanical crème containing fruit, seed, nut, vegetable and flower extracts. This has to be one of the healthiest and most natural ways of treating those pesky spots.

It is clinically proven and tested to treat and heal the existing spots and prevent furthercuractin-1 impurities leading to new outbreaks. Curactin works in three stages:

  • Improving the texture and tone of your complexion by boosting blood flow and circulation making the skin firmer
  • Acts as a barrier for the skin to protect the cells against free radicals, pollution and other environmental stresses
  • Helps to repair acne scars and prevents new scarring
  • Purifies and revives the skin leaving it healthy-looking, fresh and glowing

Due to Curactin’s 100% natural formula, there are no recognised side effects and none have been reported as yet.

Curactin can be purchased from the manufacturers’ website via a risk free 30 day trial. On completing a form you receive a 30 day trial of Curactin at a special rate of $19.95 including shipping, the usual retail price is $89.00. You also receive two free bonus gifts; Curactin Ultimate Solution and Curactin Micropolish. The Ultimate Solution helps to balance out oil skin and control shine and grease. The Micropolish helps to prepare the skin before treatment by exfoliating and smoothing the skin.

This seems like a good deal however it appears that Curactin is then auto-shipped to you each month at a cost of $89.00, and if you are not already aware; auto-ship programs are almost impossible to cancel.

Our Thoughts…

The very hard sell approach of the website is not very appealing.  The only way to purchase Curactin is through a free trial and then there is the worrying issue of the auto-shipping, no one wants to be forced into purchasing something and these kinds of Auto Ship arrangements are notoriously hard to cancel, you are leaving your self wide open to paying for something that you do not want or need.

The product itself seems on first glance, very natural and safe but there is just not enough information on the product on the website itself or evidence of clinical data to verify that Curactin really does work, so purchasing this product is a bit of a gamble.

We Would Suggest

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